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Help Charity El Samaritano


At the June meeting of ADAPT, the San Pedro based organisation, HELP Murcia Mar Menor’s president Christine Baillie presented a cheque for €3000 to Begoña Rodriguez and M: Dolores Rueda from El Samaritano (San Pedro).

Government and are in dire need of some help. The charity has been receiving support from ADAPT for many years but still needs additional help to carry on their good work.

It is HELP’s policy to donate to other charities within the Murcia region each year money that has been made from the work of their volunteers during the previous year. This year once again HELP will be donating a total of €12000 to help others, this being the first donation of 2019. El Samaritano was put forward by one of HELP´s members at their AGM in accordance with their statute.

ADAPT who have made regular donations to El Samaritano will oversee the distribution of this money over the coming months as requested by HELP.

HELP´s policy has always been and will continue to be to work to help others in the area that we have all chosen to live in.

If you have a few hours that you could donate to helping others come and join us. For more information call 963 570 059 or visit our office in Los Alcazares where one of our volunteers will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the Charity.