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HELP gives to children`s cancer charity AFACMUR

On Monday 23rd April Sr. Jose Mariano Fernandez Garcia the Director of AFACMUR (Association of Families of Children with Cancer in the Murcia Region) visited the office of HELP Murcia Mar Menor in Los Alcazares to be presented with a cheque for €3000 by HELP’s President Christine Baillie. AFACMUR was chosen by the membership of HELP to be the second Charity in the Murcia Region to receive a donation from HELP’s funds raised during 2017. This deserving cause helps children diagnosed with cancer in the Murcia Region, it provides both practical help and guidance during the dark days of first diagnosis and later during treatment in hospital. Psychological assistance and work with the parents as well as many other support services and educational projects are covered by the charity. As with many charity organisations in Spain it receives little money from local Government and relies heavily on the parents of the children being treated and fund raising activities to support itself. Looking after 40 to 45 children every year is a difficult task but this they do with great determination. The latest project, a play area on the roof of Arrixaca Hospital will provide a safe, clean and secure area for the children undergoing treatment and allow them to get away from the rigors of hospital life and play like ordinary children for a few hours each day. The €3000 donated by HELP will go towards completing this project said Sr. Jose Mariano Fernandez Garcia.

For more information on the many services that  AFACMUR provides use For information on HELP please visit at our office in Los Alcazares or call on 968 570 059.