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Help goes to the Dogs

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HELP Murcia Mar Menor visited Los Infiernos Perrera in Los Infiernos pueblo and was given a guided tour by Denise one of the L.I.P.S volunteers at the centre. Later Roger Smith another member of L.I.P.S. explained how the work of the centre is split between Los Infiernos Perrera who own the kennels that house the dogs and cats and provide shelter and food for the animals where as Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters (L.I.P.S.) which is an all volunteer charity run the system for rehousing the dogs. Some of the dogs find new homes here in Spain but most go to other countries in Europe including Germany and England. L.I.P.S. raises the money to pay all the vets fees, transportation costs, inport duties and the documentation required. The volunteers also look after the dogs welfare exercising the animals as much as possible. Great care is taken to ensure that the new owners and their homes are suitable for the dog they are adopting.

The following day Christine was pleased to present
Roger Smith and Denise with a cheque for 2000€ to help them carry on the good work they do.

This is all part of HELP´s policy of helping others,
including charities within the Murcia region.
If you think you could spare a couple of hours a week to work for our Charity then please contact us at our office in Los Alcazares on 968 570 059 or come and talk to one of our volunteers at our Outlet in the Oasis Bulivar . We would be pleased to see you.