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HELP the poor of La Puebla

Once again it is a pleasure to write that HELP Murcia Mar Menor has been able to make a contribution to Caritas, La Puebla which will enable them to support the poor and needy of the village. The village of La Puebla has 800 inhabitants of which 140 (42 families) are in dire need of help. HELP´S President Pat Massingham along with Janneke Chambers a long time member of HELP and resident of La Puebla met on Thursday 28th April with Chari Gomez the President of the local branch of Caritas to hand over a cheque for €2000, the first of six donations by HELP to various charities in the Murcia area of money raised by the charity during 2015.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of Caritas, Chari Gomez said that her organisation was only able to hand out food once a month to the poor of the village who have no income or benefits and are only entitled to receive a bag of basic foods. “The cheque from HELP is like a gift from heaven” she said. “It will help us to buy the families extra food stuffs to make up any shortages every month as we do not have sufficient funds ourselves to support this action”.

The photographs show HELP´S President Pat Massingham handing the cheque to Chari Gomez the President of Caritas, La Puebla, and a group photograph of Caritas members, including far left the Vice President of Caritas, La Puebla, Pepa Ubeda next to Janneke Chambers of HELP, and various other ladies from Caritas all of whom are volunteers.

During the year HELP raise funds from car boot sales, sales from the Charity´s outlet in the Oasis centre Los Alcazares, and various fund raising events. The membership then decide how this money can best be distributed to local charities in the Murcia area and in this way it is able to make sure that the funds are used in the best possible way to help those who most need help.

If you feel you have a few hours to spare every week and would like to find out more about HELP then please contact us at our office on 968 570 559, or visit our web site