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- The Outlet will be closed from 1pm 20/12/23 until10 am on 8/1/24
- The Office will be closed from 12.30 on 22/12/23 until 10 am on 8/1/24


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Saturday 22nd Oct. saw the relaunch of HELP Murcia Mar Menor’s enlarged outlet at the Oasis Centre, Los Alcazares.

The outlet which has been open a year urgently needed more space as due to the generosity of the general public the staff were having to carry large items of furniture in and out of the outlet every day and display them under the canopy to allow space inside for trading. As luck would have it the property behind the original outlet became available and with a lot of hard work and a few minor alterations HELP’s outlet is now four times the size it was. The reopening was carried out by Robin Bayliss HELP’s long time treasurer who will soon be retiring after many years’ service to the Charity meaning that it urgently needs someone to take over the treasurer’s position. Most of the committee along with many HELP members attended the reopening and it is hoped that the enlarged premises will make shopping at the outlet more pleasurable for the general public. The committee would like to thank everyone who donated their time and energy into getting the outlet ready for today’s opening.

They would also like to thank the general public for their donations and continued support of the Charity. Your help allows us to help others who need it in the Murcia region.

For more information about HELP M.M.M. please visit our office at Calle Penelope, Los Narejos or contact us on 968 570 059

Monday to Friday 10 am. to 1.30 pm. Or inquire at the outlet in the Oasis Centre Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 2 pm. All are welcome.