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Update on Spanish Health Situation

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HELP have been working on keeping up-to-date with all the legal changes being made to the Spanish Health care.

Here is the information we have obtained so far. Sorry it is so long, but this is vital information you and your family may need.


HELP spoke to the Health person in British Consul in Madrid this morning and she says that Murcia (and other regions) have not yet decided on how the refund of prescriptions will be handled.

When collecting your prescriptions, please retain your receipts until a decision is made. Return of overpayment may be by direct transfer back to the Spanish bank where your pension is paid into, or may be direct to the bank details you provide for your Fiscal Residency tax return every year. More on latter soon.

Those who attended our meeting 2 months ago will know what advice was provided, and the details were in the minutes.

Health Care

HELP will send out information on how to get on to the Health system with an S1 in a later email. Meantime the link to British Consul, AngloINFO Costa Calida and Murcia Today should give you all the information you need just now.

Residency changes

Please note that you will not be able to get a Residency Card for a while until updates are made to the requirements. When we hear these will be made available, we will let you know. Just click on each link below and that will take you directly to the web site.

My thanks to Zoe from Murcia Today (with whom I have been collaborating in bringing all this information together), Hannah from Madrid Embassy and Bill Boyd from AngloINFO Costa Calida.

We have paper copies in the office of this information.

Latest Information Services

Under our Useful Info section we have added a link to helplines and support groups and another for emergency telephone numbers, hospitals and pharmacies including useful Spanish phrases.

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