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Caring Services

  • Loan of Mobility Equipment and aids
  • Hospital Visiting to Los Arcos
  • Loan of Talking Books
  • Provision of a list of translators
  • English Speaking Funeral Directors and other charities
    Caring Services Group is responsible for many different services we provide to the public.

    In the future we are looking into broadening the last 3 services, but the running of these will depend on how many volunteers we can recruit to help. Hospital visiting takes place on a regular basis and we have formed a good relationship with the Director of the local Los Arcos hospital. We have produced new visual posters which will be distributed to other local hospitals and medical centres within the Mar Menor area. The loan of mobility equipment is considered by some to be one of the most important of the services we provide. We have 50 items of equipment which we store in our office, and they are regularly checked and steam cleaned. We are hoping to replace some of the older heavier wheelchairs in the near future and add new equipment. We were thinking of selling all 3 electric scooters because of lack of demand. But while we monitor this situation, we are selling one of our electric scooters and keeping two. For more information of our equipment loans and forms please click on the following link

    Please contact the office on 968 570 059.
    Be A Volunteer
    Please contact the HELP office on 968 570 059.